As a business owner or sales manager, you may not fully appreciate the value of professionally written sales copy until you see the results for yourself. Persuasive messaging works because people are hunting for information in order to make an informed decision. They are looking for reasons to choose your business from the pack. They are actively interested, they have a need for what you offer and they intend on spending money. SO, they will take the time to read information about why they should choose you.

Your sales copy should NOT be:

  • A bland, generic list of who you are and what you do
  • A list of exaggerated, overused buzz words that you see in just about every ad
  • A list of unrealistic claims without an explanation

This is what many websites do and their advertising is ineffective. Why? Because everyone is promoting the same hype. Prospects are ruthless and they will filter quickly.

So how do your write a persuasive message?

First, you grab a prospects attention so they have a reason to keep reading.

Then, you expand on who you are and what you do.

Your sales copy should:

  • be benefit focused
  • acknowledge objections, fears and problems
  • define the problems and present your solution
  • differentiate you from your competition
  • create value in their mind so that you are not competing on price alone

Most people buy on emotion, then justify their choice with logic. For this reason, your sales pitch should focus on their problems, fears and desires. Your prospect needs to imagine the positive feelings they will enjoy when your product or service has solved their problem.

All of this can be achieved by following a clear process to develop your message and then take a scientific approach to test and tweak your message until converts visitors into leads and sales at the highest rate.

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